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The X-Panels Gallery Program Will Be Fully Functional Soon!

The X-Panels Gallery is on the verge of full functionality, exclusively dedicated to those utilizing X-Panels. Your creations on an X-Panel will be made available for sale through a convenient drop-shipping arrangement on this platform. X-Panels will actively promote both your artwork and you as an artist. To sustain this program and enhance promotion efforts beyond the website, there will be an annual fee. A nominal commission will be deducted from the proceeds of sold works. The X-Panels Gallery serves as a showcase for team artists, presenting their works for sale.

Moving forward, the next phase involves the curation of artists into the Outlaw Art Ranch. This includes artists who use X-Panels and aspire to be part of the art ranch community. Selection for inclusion will prioritize high-quality and imaginative artwork. Those chosen as Outlaw Art Ranch members will enjoy a dedicated platform for their artistic endeavors.

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